Youth Environmental Centre

St. Petersburg is one of Russia’s biggest megapolises. Located along the banks of the Neva and along the shores of the Baltic Sea, the city has significant impact on their coastal and marine ecosystems. Vodokanal of St. Petersburg is working to protect the Baltic marine environment by constantly improving water treatment technologies and by raising environmental awareness of the younger generation.

Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre (YEC) was created in 2012 and is located in the historical building of the Main Water Treatment Plant of St. Petersburg. More than 300 thousand children took part in YEC’s programmes and projects over the last decade.

The Centre aims to help younger generations to recognise the importance and value of water and to learn some basic water conservation techniques, and works to foster an overall culture of rational water consumption in the city of St. Petersburg.

Youth Environmental Centre is an advanced interactive Centre designed for both children and adults. It runs interactive seminars for children of preschool and school age, students and adults and implements environmental projects. The overall learning process is based on the principles of sustainable development. The involvement of the youth into learning takes place through the latest information technologies as well as through their own activities.

In 2011 EYC created the Hall of the Baltic Sea with the Baltic Cruise programme which represents a unique opportunity to learn about the specifics of the Baltic Sea and the cultures of its surrounding countries, and, more importantly, to understand ways to protect its environment. A 3D-installation with stereo-holographic effects allows visitors to immerse themselves into the world of the Baltic Sea by learning about its biodiversity, environmental problems and possible solutions. Each child gets an opportunity to actively participate in games, lab experiments, discussions and quizzes and apply the latest technologies. The purpose of the Baltic Cruise programme is to not only entertain children, but also to encourage environmentally responsible behavior that will eventually help in reducing environmental impact and harm caused to the Baltic Sea.

Educational seminars for teachers and partnership projects run by YEC are designed to promote the concept of effective environmental education.

YEC Summary

  • Youth Environmental Centre is an advanced interactive Centre designed for both children and adults.
  • The Centre provides various multimedia technologies, experiments and game models through which visitors can learn about the environment.
  • Participating in projects run by the Centre helps children develop communication and social skills.
  • Interactive activities and programmes are aimed at children aged between 4 and17.
  • Most of the YEC’s projects are internationally oriented with school children from Finland, Germany, Denmark and other countries.


The Youth Environmental Centre (YEC) was created by Vodokanal of St. Petersburg in 2002 in the premises of the old Main Water Treatment Plant  which dates back to1858.

The very first project implemented by YEC was “Let’s Save Water Together!” The project participants were the first to attend the Centre’s activities. They carried out research on water consumption at home and discovered new methods of water conservation.

Over the last 11 years the Centre has welcomed over 300 thousand boys and girls and implemented over 50 environmental projects.
The Youth Environmental Centre is well recognised in Russia and abroad for its work.

In 2004 the Centre won the National Environmental Award by Vernadsky Foundation for its contribution to strengthening environmentl safety and Russia’s sustainable development.

In 2007 the Centre was awarded European Environmental Agency Certificate for its work with young people towards Baltic Sea and environment conservation.