Iisaku Nature Centre

Iisaku Nature Centre was opened in June 2013 and has an interesting architectural and technical design.

The centre has a sod roof with draught-resistant meadow plants, inclined walls mounted with 8 solar panels, and a wind turbine next to the building. The energy produced by the solar panels and wind turbine is supplied to the general power network, from which the centre buys back the necessary amount of energy for a favourable price. Large south-facing windows considerably reduce the working time of electric lights in the building, and the heating effect of the spring sun is perceptible already in February, which reduces heating costs. The centre is heated with a geothermal heat pump, which also provides the building with hot water. Waste is segregated and organic waste from the centre and its territory is composted.

The centre has a seminar room with an open rest area. The nature centre provides an overview of the development of the landscapes and formation of land forms in Ida-Viru County since the retreat of continental ice, as well as the nature values and protected areas of Ida-Viru County. Knowledge on lakes and the sea can be obtained in the centre’s toilets. The walls of the shower room display information on water saving possibilities.

In the study class, which also serves as a library and laboratory, one can work with microscopes, make experiments and engage in practical works, e.g. study the drainage of different soils.

The entire nature centre places a high value on the sustainable way of life.