Aranda is a modern ice-strengthened research vessel, suitable for multidisciplinary, all-year oceanology. Its length is 59.2 m and beam 13.8 m. The research vessel Aranda is the third research vessel with the same name and the fourth proper marine research vessel in the history of Finnish oceanology. The current Aranda was launched in its home port in Helsinki in June 1989. The vessel is owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Aranda is well suited for biological, physical, chemical and marine-geological research. Due to the well-equipped laboratory facilities and data processing system, analysing samples and handling results is already possible during the voyage. Aranda’s controls have been designed to meet the challenging demands of research work. At the observation stations, the aim is for the vessel to keep an exact position even during heavy winds. Aranda has modern satellite image and weather image reception equipment. It is very important for research and safety on the sea. Aranda’s machinery enables both diesel and diesel-electric drive. The power of the engines is sufficient for passage in half-metre thick ice. Aranda’s ice class is Super A1.