The mirror-like surface of water started to ripple, and the silence gave way to the lap of waves. I was equally excited by that kind of spectacle, watching the majestic features of nature…
Alexander Radishchev
Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow
/.../Guillemots, northern coastal birds, have chosen the limestone cliffs of Cape Pakri as their nesting site. We saw one of them fly out from behind a cracked cliff ledge. We watched as it, red-legged and coal-dark with white wing patches, descended into blue-green water. Taking a closer look at this section of the sea through binoculars, we counted nearly 30 guillemots. They were swaying, blithely and peacefully, on the rushing streams of the restless sea. Some of them vanished from sight every now and then, in shadow behind the crest of a wave or diving into the depths. A few rose into the air for a moment, before swooping down to the water once again. /.../
Piiper, J
Pilte ja hääli Eesti loodusest
/.../ the sea is the most powerful of all the forces of nature, but also that which is closest to us. We reached its coasts five thousand years ago, pushed aside the dense curtain of forest, and froze solid. Here we are now, and we all carry in us signs of the sea.
Lennart Meri
The people who lived on the islands of the Gulf of Finland were not just skilful and brave fishermen and seal hunters, but also hard-working and well-mannered, they knew the world much more widely than just their own home islands, they kept up with current events and taught their children to read at a young age.
Kaukiainen, Yrjö
Rantarosvojen saaristo. Itäinen Suomenlahti 1700-luvulla
The sea is a great living entity that is sometimes in a good mood and sometimes in a bad mood. And it is totally impossible to know why. You can only see it on the surface.
Jansson, Tove
Muumipappa ja meri
…I moved forward. Finally the water level reached my chin. The sandy base went down rapidly. I started swimming, keeping my eye on clearly outlined Kronstadt. Chittering seagulls swept through the air…My heart was high and peaceful.
Sergei Dovlatov
I had friends and relatives in Tallinn, and I also enjoyed staying there. The city was very cosmopolitan, like Vyborg, and its cheerful spirit caught up with the Finns living there, continuing even when the world’s political situation forced them to return to Finland.
Meretoja, Päivi
Suursaaren Emma
Everything that we leave behind us in the ground will dissolve and run into the Baltic Sea. It has been like that for a long time—as long as we have existed.
Fagerholm, Johnson